Grow and heal with

Empathy, Insight & Application

This therapy is for you if you feel things deeply.
If your intuition, creativity and sensitivity both thrill and overwhelm you.
If your empathy embraces the whole world, but short-circuits when it comes to yourself.
If your intuition is calling you into a different way of living.

This therapy is for you if you're curious about reconnecting with your instincts and living a life guided by your soul.

I'm a Deep Feeler and an advocate for overturning perfectionism in favor of being Whole.
I believe that we find wholeness as we align with our intuition and embrace our humanity in all its beauty and imperfection.
I'm a therapist who blends Jungian psychology with attachment theory, and I work with highly sensitive clients in Pasadena, California.

What does therapy with Joy look like?


I begin by working to deeply understand what you tell me about yourself and your experiences. I believe that your sense of safety to share will grow as I show you that I'm seeing your life through your eyes, and feeling it with you.


We'll tend to your story with care, making sense of it together. As we bring compassion, rather than judgment, to your feelings and experiences, insight emerges. Confusion transforms into understanding, and areas of fear and shame begin to heal.


While deep presence and careful listening are hallmarks of my approach, I'm also a very active therapist. At a pace that feels good to you, I'll ask questions and provide suggestions and feedback. When it's a practical path forward you're looking for, we will collaborate in mapping out your next steps.

Services for Adults & Adolescents

High Sensitivity
Overwhelming Emotions
Relationship Therapy
Family Therapy
Parent Coaching
Grief & Loss
Body Image (HAES)
Healthy Decision Making
Dream Work