You're not flawed— you're a Deep Feeler

 ©Joy Malek

©Joy Malek

This one’s for all the sensitive, empathic, intuitive souls out there. We who feel deeply, who listen to the whispered knowings of our intuition, and who are connected empathically to the experience of everyone around us.

You, like me, grew up in a world where the majority are wired very differently. A world in which you did not see your gifts and values reflected back. 

And, you are exceptionally perceptive. The divide between you and parents, teachers, peers, etc. who did not “get” you was painfully apparent— you could feel it palpably. 

You walked away, time and time again, feeling “wrong.” Not just that you’d done something wrong. But that the way you are is wrong.

So, many of us move through life with a deep-down sensation of being flawed. 

Too sensitive.

Too much.

Not enough.

And it gnaws at our confidence, our purpose, our ability to exhale in relationships. 

It robs us of revelry in the many gifts we carry.

The sad fact is that no one ever came along and told us:

You are not too much.

You are always enough.

You aren’t faulty, or broken, or in need of repair before you can finally turn off the fear and start wholeheartedly living.

You are a Deep Feeler. A wondrous member of a desperately needed minority.

Your sensitivity is your superpower. 
You are gifted with finely calibrated intuitive and empathic emotional equipment. 
You see what others don’t. 

You feel with power and an intensity of truth. You feel what everyone would be feeling, if they were dialed in.

Your values, dreams and contribution are a sonorous note in the midst of clamor. 

I can see it in the softness of your eyes. In the beautiful responsiveness of your soul to every bit of warmth or chill that touches it.

No wonder you feel crushed sometimes. 
No wonder your voice raises when your heart breaks. 
No wonder you disappear when you feel erased.
No wonder you hold it in, hold it in, hold it in, never having been told that the world needs you to
Let it out.

Consider this my first love note to you, my fellow Deep Feelers. 

I’ve got a lot more love coming.