Deep Diving

Deep Diving.jpg

Deep Feelers know how to dive deep. We’re wired to go within and do the reflecting that leads to growth. We rarely avoid "thinking about things," even when it's painful.

Our challenge isn't facing difficulties— it’s coming up for air!  

That drive to feel congruence between our experiences, feelings and values can keep us in the emotional trenches— without a break— for longer than is actually good for us.

So, just a reminder today to trust that your instincts will bring you back to reflection, after you've given yourself some respite. In fact, focusing on something else for a while may allow you to come back to the difficulty with fresh eyes and renewed perspective! 

So… the next time you find yourself holding your breath as a you deep dive… consider this official permission to come up for air, take a break, spend some time on dry land :)